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Lawsuit against Bundesbank for access to information (Monsanto purchase) - (initiated in 2019)

     The Bundesbank bought Bayer bonds with money from the European Central Bank, thereby the federal banc co-financed the purchase of the US seed company Monsanto. This deal was done as part of its Corporate Sector Purchase Program (CSPP), which, as it claims on its website, is intended to prevent deflation by issuing cheap money to companies. But to this day they have not revealed the reasons why the ECB and the Bundesbank bought Bayer bonds.

I had asked the ECB and the Bundesbank - the latter is responsible for the CSPP program in the German and Dutch economic areas - not only about the exact scope of the financial operation and about a possible conflict of interest because of BlackRock. The US asset manager carries out the stress tests of banks for the ECB and thus has sensitive data on its European competitors. I wanted to know from the Bundesbank a) the volume of the transaction, b) at what interest rate, and c) how the Bundesbank had measured the risk associated with the purchase of Monsanto. However, the Bundesbank believes that the IFG, the German Freedom of Information Act, does not apply to them and has refused to provide any information. I have opened a lawsuit before the Frankfurt Administrative Court.and lost. The appeal is ongoing.


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