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Lawsuit against Ebert-Foundation for information (initiated in 2018)

In my process before the Federal Constitutional Court regarding hiding offical files in the private archives of political parties, the judges asked the party foundations for their opinion. All six, including the Left and Greens, agreed with the right wing Adenauer Foundation and affirmed that records of the Ministries could be kept in their archives. The Ebert Foundation (Social Democrates) even hired the law firm that traditionally represents the Presidency - Redeker, Sellner and Dahs – in order to make its own statement. I wanted to know the amount of the lawyer's fee from the foundation - which is almost 100% financed from the state budget. The Ebert-Foundation however said that as a private institution it is exempt from the obligation to provide information. So they argued before the district court in Bonn and won. The Regional Court in Cologne also ruled against me. Constitutional complaint has been filed and was rejected. Now, my lawyers filed a complaint in the European Court of Human Rights in Strassburg.