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Pimpel and Bluestern - the BND-Files on the Eichmann criminal case (March 2021)

On April 11, 1961, the trial of Senior SS-Officer Adolf Eichmann opened in Jerusalem. He was accused for his role in the Shoá, the extermination of over 5 million Jews during German National Socialism. The media will use the sixtieth anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate the trial as the "trial of the century," as a landmark for justice and human rights. Critical voices were and are hardly ever heard. I therefore ask: Is the Eichmann criminal case a reason to celebrate or a reason to be ashamed?

What do we know today? Who pulled which strings - behind the scenes? In Jerusalem and in Pullach, the seat of German External Intelligence Service BND. I have been suing for the release of the Eichmann files for many years, against the Argentine Foreign Ministry, the BND and in Russia. The BND has just delivered me another batch of files. Not everything yet, but the new lawsuit has been filed. We are well on our way.