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Uncle Arturo and the Mossad - Kidnapping in Government Car  (December 2019)

El artículo 29 de la Constitución rThe 29th article of the Russian Constitution guarantees an open public administration. Two years ago, my lawyers from St. Petersburg, “Team 29”, applied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow for the release of some historical documents. To my surprise, I received some! They are from May 1960, the failed disarmament summit in Paris, the illegal US nuclear tests in the Argentine Patagonia and Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal whom the Mossad claims looked for for years, and on May 11, 1960, kidnapped from Buenos Aires and took to Israel.

This statement is false, fake news, the mother of all the lies the media has told and still tells. New discoveries in Argentine and Russian archives prove that things went completely differently. There were high-ranking members of the government of Argentine President Arturo Frondizi who arrested the war criminal. They put him in a government car with an official plate, says a report of the Argentine intelligence agency.

Tragically, historians believed the Mossad's fables without asking for any written evidence, so the embarrassment of an intelligence agency became official historiography. Almost all of these governments, including the German, Argentine and the US, adhered to a pact of silence, and their absolute secrecy made falsification of history possible. In that sense, the new documents from Moscow are a good sign. A beginning, at least.