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The Adenauer-Ben-Gurion Deal  - Did Israel´s atomic bomb emerge from the Nazi womb? (2019)

It was the last days of the administration of US President Dwight Eisenhower. On December 13, 1960, "Time" magazine alerted the world: Israel was secretly building an atomic bomb. The commotion was big; nobody wanted to know anything about it. Had Eisenhower not always pronounced himself against a nuclear power in the Middle East?
The international community and the parliaments were systematically lied to. The truth is that already in 1960, Western governments knew about the Israeli nuclear project. They had authorized and supported the construction of this weapon of mass destruction. The Israeli atomic bomb was built with German money and German technology, developed during World War II - in the name of the "Führer" Adolf Hitler. Their knowledge was put at the service of Israel since the late nineteen fifties. The heavy water came from Norway, where the Nazis had produced it during the war. The uranium was supplied, with the consent of the United States, by the Argentine Atomic Commission, which was created after 1945 with the assistance of Nazi scientists.

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