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Disinformation - the wanted historical lie of Mossad (2015) - Censored in June 2021

Germany’s first television channel proudly presents its “docudrama”: “Eichmann’s End – love, betrayal and death”. It shows the Nazi war criminal’s last years in Argentina and the “heroic search” of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency and a tragic love story: Romeo and Juliet of the twentieth century, a Nazi Romeo and a Jewish Juliet. Klaus is Adolf Eichmann’s son and Silvia, the daughter of Lothar Hermann, a survivor of the Shoah. The docudrama is based on material from the Mossad and is given many laurels around the whole world. And suddenly, from a country far away, somebody is protesting: “Your praised docudrama is lousy disinformation”, says Liliana Hermann, Grandniece of Lothar Hermann. The author of the documentary “Disinformation” is the German investigator Gaby Weber, based in Buenos Aires. She sued the German intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst, the BND –for its files about Eichmann and shows these (and other) new documents in the film. She investigated about the early days of Zionism in Germany, Eichmann´s role and about his citizenship. Her conclusion: At the time of his arrest, he had the Israeli citizenship and there was no “heroic kidnapping” by the Mossad, but a legal expulsion by Argentinean officials in May 1960.

In June 2021, Youtube blocked all three versions (German, English and Spanish) at the request of "Studio Hamburg" (i.e. NDR/ ARD) - presumably because the copyright law was changed - and that although my film was uploaded back in 2015 and that I was never asked to cease and desist by NDR at any time during these 6 years. Obviously the Hamburg broadcaster is afraid of the truth and uses every means to suppress it.
Latest information: (probably because of the protest) the claim was withdrawn by "Studio Hamburg". My lawyer already has the case in his hands.